Busy Work

Bible Verses: John‬ ‭6:28-29‬

Concept: The work of God is believing in Jesus


Bible Verses: Luke 10:38-42

Concept: The story of Mary and Martha indicates that Mary chose the better way – to spend time with Jesus, rather than making sure preparations were perfect 

Questions to Consider:

  • Are you so busy with church or work obligations that you don’t have time for relationships with others? 
  • Are you so busy you don’t have time to pay bills, clean, take care of your body, or take a break?
  • Are you so focused on a higher purpose that each day you are able to do less and less?  Is the higher purpose yielding the spread of the gospel of grace?
  • Are you relying on charitable deeds or  keeping up with your culture for salvation or feelings of worth?
  • Are the resources necessary to accomplish a task provided by leaders or supernaturally by God?  If not, how will desired outcomes be met?
  • Are you being asked to fix a broken world that only God can restore?


There are many requests and demands for resources.  In some ways, God calls His children to serve, and these will be consistent with Biblical teachings. He will equip them.  Others are human requests that can keep a person so busy, there is no time to rest and truly be in the presence of Jesus’ gentleness.  There is no “time out” to even evaluate if a request is in alignment with God. 


Jesus, teach me how to follow your good and gentle ways.  Help me to understand Your sacrifice for me that I may be saved through Your gift of grace and not through work that I am not intended for.  Show me how to be the sheep and allow You to be my shepherd.  Amen.