It’s That Simple

My treat tonight was a visit to an old church.  I stopped by last winter and caught a glimpse of the exterior but couldn’t access it then.  After a many month wait, I had quite a surprise in store.  The design is simple and I expected to see only a few pews inside this church that appears smaller than a modern 2-car garage.  On the inside, the church is 2 stories and looks like it could seat 60-100 people.  Some of the pews also had table ledges built too!  I am imagining people traveled from miles around, rain or shine to get there.  To worship and be in fellowship together.  No big stage or fancy lights.  No rock band.  No cartoon or movie clips.  No Powerpoints.  No going home to a football game or fancy party.  I wish for this simplicity.  All this church took was a bunch of wooden beams, a few panes of glass, white paint, and some rock slabs.  A Bible and an offering bowl.  

Jesus fed the multitudes with smidgeons of bread and fish, and His Word.  No building.  People believed.  And their lives were eternally changed.

My fellow Christians, is there a way to rethink the church so it’s not so imposing to non-believers?  

For those who don’t believe, are you willing to trust that there is no eternal life and goodness after this visible stint on Earth?  Are you 100.00% sure there is nothing else? Do you wish for transformation and peace that doesn’t seem possible?  It is possible, and it can be your free gift.  All it took me was one visit to church to get the Holy Spirit moving rapidly in my heart.  To change my mind.  It takes time and patience to seek, but God does the heavy lifting, if you let Him.  I cheated myself out of God for most of my life by listening to the harsh and nasty views of others.  I promise you this isn’t the Jesus I know.  People sometimes, and my own mind, yes; but Jesus, no.  

May you be blessed beyond measure and know His gentleness.