Jesus is the Son and the Light

Bible Verses & Concepts:

Bible Verse: Deuteronomy 4:19

Concept: Do not worship celestial bodies

Bible Verses: Jeremiah‬ ‭43:12-13‬, Jeremiah 43-44 ESV

Concept: God’s wrath; Consequences of worshipping other gods

Bible Verse: Revelation 21:23

Concept: There will be no sun or moon in eternity with God


God is the creator of the heavens and the earth.  He does not need them to exist. He provides them for use, but there is a paradox where in eternity the heavenly bodies are not present, and Jesus, the Lamb, fulfills that role.

Questions to Consider:

  • How is the Son different than the sun?
  • What religious symbols refer to the sun and the moon in various religions and religious sects?  How do they honor/reflect worship of the sun or moon?
  • What is the significance of Heliopolis and obelisks?

Exercise 1:

Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a space and the heavenly bodies do not exist.  But the Holy family and God exist. Talk to God in prayer in this space.  Ask Him the truth about the visible realm and the invisible realm.  

Exercise 2:

As you walk through random days, ask God to show you representations of the sun and the moon that are not of Him.


‭‭Jesus, help me to understand the meaning of these scriptures. Show me any ways I am disobedient. Show me how to glorify You without glorifying objects You created. Please teach me to have a spiritual connection with You outside of the physical reality I see with my eyes. I praise Your goodness and provision and seek to honor You in righteous ways. Amen.