Growth in the Kingdom


As I went for a walk yesterday evening, I was stunned by the new bright green leaves on the trees. Brighter than I recall any other spring. A sweet blessing to behold in the midst of bitterness when nothing seems to be working right and there is much confusion as reopening from the pandemic starts.

At the end of the path was a lone, very tall tree, standing regally against a crisp blue sky. This time a photograph wouldn’t be justice as power lines and signs clutter the city backdrop. As I stood fascinated, it struck me that there was one smooth, long solid trunk. Then only a couple main branches quite far up. And from each branch a couple offshoots, and so on, and so on. Eventually leading to thousands of baby leaves. As a growing leader it reminded me that one doesn’t need to have full growth sprouting from their work alone. That making a solid impact on a few cascades out into a multitude.

I turned back on the path and came across a second tree. This one was short. Only a third of the size. The trunk was thin and there were many branches shooting off in many disordered directions. The growth was different and unique, but wouldn’t yield the same multitude of leaves.

A third tree looked more like a tall thick trunk. Many leaves covered the trunk like a carpet. Each leaf clung but there were no further branches.

This walk reminded me that there are different kinds of leaders and followers, accomplishing His work in different ways. They are all of God and are sufficient. All beautiful in their own regard. They do not all have the same capacity, yet the work is done.

Questions to Consider:

  • What is God calling you to do in this moment? Lead?  Be still while He works excruciatingly slow to mold you out of sin into His new creation?  Plant seeds with simple conversations?
  • Will you let Him take control and create order?  Or will you direct and let Him try to keep up?
  • Are you giving the Lord choices or allowing Him to speak at His will?

Further Reflection and Prayer:

As I stumble through my walk, sometimes I find I am taking control and make a mess that God never intended. The journey back to peace is a far longer and painful road.  

My prayer for you is to slow down and behold His beauty and blessings.  To allow Him to work in your life in the deep, dark crevices to pull out what He wills.  When you see the darkness, turn it over to Him and let Him smooth it out in His good fashion in His time. Some things will be done and gone in a day, and some will take decades.  Give Him the glory and stay faithful.  He is good and His promises are true.  Blessings and peace to you!