When taking a picture, if you step an inch to the left or an inch to the right, the image captured on camera will be different. The same will happen if you turn your body in another direction. The same is true on the journey through life with God. Asking for direction and trying to look at circumstances and daily interactions differently is critical to hearing Him and following Him. Asking Him for the truth, rather than following human truths is critical. As is being familiar with scriptures so you can determine what looks different.

An experiment to try is to ask 10 humans their opinions about a subject or circumstance. And then ask the underlying details of why they believe something. The answers will often vary depending on the person’s background or beliefs. But God doesn’t change. He is constant and His direction is sure. Humans can believe they are gods in the sense that what they believe is right. Yet they can only be right if they are aligned with God. The true Body of Christ is aligned with God. Some members may be at different stages of alignment, and they maybe pulled away at times, but they are moving in the same direction.


Holy Father, show me Your Way, not mine. Keep me humble and shelter me from false beliefs. Show me when I am being led astray. Help me hear Your Word and not be distracted by anyone or anything that would pull me away from You. I praise you for Your goodness, beauty, patience, and love.