Welcome to a new blog dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus and helping seek Him!


  • Share thoughts, prayers, ideas, and resources to inspire others to follow God throughout daily life.
  • Encourage personal research and growth in faith by looking at a variety of Christian and Jewish resources.
  • Approach seeking and knowing God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) using scripture, questioning differing ideas, asking questions and praying directly to God for answers. Only He is the final judge of our salvation!

About the author:

  • I am a believer awakened by God in 2014.
  • I grew up in a Christian household but never truly felt God’s presence until being awakened after 25 years away.
  • I have no formal seminary training.
  • I read extensively online to develop an understanding of different theological beliefs, and have attended a variety of church services.
  • My faith and beliefs continue to grow as I explore church services, church groups, read more, and pray more.