Falling Away From Jesus

WARNING: Mature subject matter; This is not an easy concept and is best discussed further with mature believers who are full of grace and gentleness.  They are more equipped to provide a depth of understanding of salvation and sanctification.  The topic is presented for awareness to explore.  Working out salvation is between an individual and God, and only God knows a person’s soul.  Please note children, people who have been subjected to trauma, etc. may need a very different kind of discussion than another person.


A common misconception is after someone commits to the Lord, their salvation is sealed.  In both the Old Testament and New Testament, examples can be found of people committing to God and later being struck down.  

The “good news” of the gospel is Jesus gives living water to those who follow Him, and provides eternal life. Through Jesus’ strength, a Christian is able to bear many, many things that someone ordinarily could not, and carry a believer out of sin.  Hallelujah!


OT Bible Verses about Sons of Korah:

Numbers 16:31-33

What Happened:

Rose up against God’s appointed leader, Moses

OT Bible Verses about Saul:

1 Samuel 10:9-11; 1 Samuel 6-11; 1 Samuel 15 (entire chapter); 1 Samuel 18:10-11

What Happened:

Sometimes the Spirit of God Is on Saul

NT Bible Verses about Judas:

Luke 22:3-4, Acts 1:24-26

What Happened:

Satan entered Judas, and Judas betrays Jesus.  Later, Judas is replaced by another apostle. (Notice similarities between Judas and Saul)

NT Bible Verses about Ananias and Sapphira:

Acts 5:1-11

What Happened:

Ananias and Sapphira lie about the price received for property sold and are struck down.


Holy Father, these verses are difficult for me but I choose to listen to Your Truth and Your Word.  I seek to follow your good and righteous ways all the days of my life.  Show me my sin and how to walk humbly with Your Spirit.  Cleanse me and protect me as I walk through difficult days and make unpopular choices.  Teach me the narrow way and pull me out of harm when the enemy approaches.  Prune things not of you out of my life. Holy Father, You are good and I trust you to open my heart fully to Your Beautiful Son, Jesus!