Which Bible Version Should I Pick?

This post is not to argue the merits/drawbacks of various specific Bibles, but to answer a question that is frequently asked of me. There are many arguments as to which Bible is the “right” version, and this is a debatable question, but should not detract from God’s Word.

Main Thoughts:

  • Any Bible which shares God’s Word in an uncorrupted manner would seem appropriate.
  • An unread Bible is like having no Bible at all.
  • A Bible by itself without context of a Christian community is also lacking. Finding a safe mentor and church community is priceless. Sometimes, this is not available; if it is not, find and use the best resources available to you.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in selecting a Bible and while reading it.

For the following reasons, my personal choice is the New International Version of the Bible. I have found some other versions to be lacking in some regards.

  • It is widely considered reputable.
  • It has a thorough, peer-reviewed translation process.
  • It is easy to read for the average person.
  • It seems to match well with traditional church values and teachings.
  • The language in the text in the basic Value Pew & Worship version lends historical significance in the the context of the ancient world, with footnotes for explanation, as opposed to modern wording in the text.

Please see Learning & Accessibility Resources for additional recommendations.

May your journey in reading the Bible be filled with His love and peace!