False Religions and Cults

Does your religion or faith group display characteristics of a false religion or a cult?  Do you have doubts that you are following God’s true ways?

Questions to Consider:

  • Is salvation limited to a certain ethnicity or nationality?
  • Are you asked to harm others in exchange for salvation or a better level of salvation?
  • Does God deliver the ultimate judgement for your salvation?
  • Are you allowed to ask questions and have doubts?
  • Do you feel safe expressing your ideas and concerns?
  • Are you asked to spy on others?
  • Do group-specific teachings and writings coincide with the main scriptures? Do they have precedence over the main scriptures? If so, do you believe the main scriptures are flawed?
  • Have you read the scriptures your faith is based on? Have you investigated scriptures of other faiths so you are certain of your beliefs?
  • Can you have a personal relationship with God or must you go through humans? Would an all-powerful God who knows your every move require you to go through humans to interact with Him?
  • Are you required to be allegiant to a human?
  • Do Jesus’ life and teachings reveal him as the Son of God or as a prophet?
  • Is use of your finances permitted to be determined solely by God to serve His purposes?
  • Are the salaries and benefits your faith leaders directly receive from ministry in line with scripture?
  • Are you permitted to designate where your finances are spent based on your interactions with God?


LORD, please show me your glorious and righteous ways and lead me away from any false teachings and false leaders.  My goal in life is to serve You and obey Your commands.  I cannot do that if my mind is clouded with deception from humans or evil spirits.  Please guide me home into Your loving arms and deliver me from any falseness I am living by.

Scripture Reading:

  • Deuteronomy 18:20-22
  • Jeremiah 23:1-40
  • 1 John 4:1-6