Finding Purpose on Difficult Days

An ongoing question is “What is my purpose – What does God have me here to do?”  Without having a large-scale plan revealed, it can be extremely difficult to move ahead to do God’s work.  There is no doubt that God has a master plan as revealed throughout the Bible. But specific duties for each individual are not present as far as what jobs, what relationships, what pastimes, or what tasks should be completed.  That can leave any well-intentioned person on endless quest, especially if one is not feeling 100%.

If God is all powerful, it seems He has the capability to lead us home on a day of His choosing.  If He has not made that decision, it’s highly possible that there is still a job to do here.  Instead of focusing on trying to figure out new plans that may require massive lifestyle changes which may or may not divert from God’s master plan, here are some basic purposeful activities that can be done today.


  • Listen fully to someone’s challenges.
  • Brighten someone’s day with a smile or a hug.
  • Help another with their faith – you may not have an answer for them, but can listen and if they are receptive to testimony, share what has helped you.
  • Learn more about God’s ways: Read the Bible, read various articles with various points of view, pray about your questions, and ask God to reveal what is true.
  • Decide right here and now that God is in charge and pray on a routine basis for Him to take control.
  • Share your testimony about positive changes in your life or ways God has reshaped your thinking.
  • Praise the beauty in nature – even if it’s a tree or leaf in the midst of a city or lone vegetation in a grim place.
  • Praise God for the resources you have been given, even if they are small and not what you feel you need – food, clothing, shelter, any healing you’ve been given, a glimpse of hope in your day, a person that has helped or listened.
  • Learn even a simple, basic skill or try something new – skills can have the potential to start a new conversation, aid in preparation for a life in eternity with Christ, assist another with a challenge, or prepare for an unforeseen circumstance.
  • Pray for God to change you in whatever areas of life are holding you back from His purpose – you don’t need to specify them if you don’t know;  if you have a suspicion, you can name it.


Scripture Reading:

Romans 8