Have You Prayed Today?

Daily prayer can be a difficult habit to start, especially for a new believer.

Here are some of my favorite prayer ideas that are easy to start with:

  • Look up “prayers for” followed by a “keyword” for something you are struggling with in an online search engine.  Example: Search on “prayers for healing” or “prayers for work”
  • Open the Bible to Psalms and read one.  Psalms 23 is wonderful if you are really struggling and can easily be recited daily.  If you’ve never read Psalms, look up a video on YouTube and listen to the Book of Psalms.  A few will likely stand out that you can use.
  • Recite the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13). Add specifics afterward that relate to each concept.
  • Say “LORD, I’m so broken and my resources are limited, there is no way I can fix _______ situation on my own.  Please lead me in the direction You wish to lead me in and I will follow.”
  • Say “LORD, I cannot survive this on my own.  I need energy and resources from you.  If what you’re asking me to do is next to impossible, I need you to put resources and people in my life so I can fulfill your work.”
  • Start listing off each of your family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, fellow believers, etc.  and list a specific issue that each is struggling with.  Ask God to lead them every day in every way and to keep them in the palm of his hand.