Prayers for Following the Right Scriptures

Before I was a believer, I made the gross mistake of thinking it didn’t matter if I took the time to learn about God and seeking out various religions.  There are so many beliefs, I thought would never know the truth.

Now, as a new believer, I am thirsty for God’s word and to know His ways.  However, I have ongoing stumbling blocks such as being an incredibly slow reader, coming across many different Bible versions, and reading never-ending interpretations.  I consider it of high importance to devote my time to His word, but at the same time question how to balance this with serving Him.

Questions to Consider:

  • Which Bible version is most accurate?  And which translation? Are they all equal?
  • Are the extra books in some Bibles truly inspired by God?
  • Do English Bibles have the same meaning as the early Hebrew and Greek writings?
  • Were some earlier versions forged?
  • Are my interpretations of the scriptures accurate?
  • Are the articles I am reading Biblical or abominations?

Not every believer has the opportunity or educational background to perform a thorough  study, but each of us are equally accountable to following God.


LORD, guide my study of the scriptures.  If I am reading inaccurate scriptures and interpretations, guide me to the correct ones.  Where my interpretations differ from others, guide us each in the right understanding.  Help me not judge others who have different beliefs, but reach out and show your light to others.  Protect me from false readings and beliefs. LORD, it is you alone I serve, please help me not be distracted by false gods and false beliefs.