Influence of Evil in Music

Does the music you’re listening to subscribe to evil?  Does it influence your soul negatively?  Does it welcome God’s presence?

It’s easy to dismiss the music you’re listening to as “OK” in the eyes of God.  Maybe it makes you feel better or like you have more freedom.  Maybe it helps you have fun.  Maybe you see other believers following musicians so it seems OK.  Maybe the musician says they are a Christian, even though they seem dark.


Close your eyes.  Imagine God’s presence fully inside your body without your presence inside.  Looking out into the world through your body.  What would He hear?  What would He see?

Questions to Consider:

  • Do you feel like you are following God when listening to the music?
  • Does the music distract you from following God’s purpose for you?
  • Do the lyrics talk about death, murder, destruction, sex, drugs, bodily harm, witchcraft, etc.?
  • How are the musicians dressed – seductively, in dark clothes and makeup?  Do they wear jewelry or clothing with symbols of witchcraft or Satan?  Do they wear crosses but otherwise not look like they are following God? Do they look like humans with souls that follow God?  Does their behavior show signs of true repentance?
  • From the character you observe in the musician, would you trust them to babysit your child or look after a family member?  If not, do you feel they should be sending you important messages that you may be singing along with?
  • Does the music make you feel joyous and hopeful?  Or does it remind you of tough parts of your life?


LORD, I like music.  I am not too crazy about giving it up because __________.  Clarify in my mind what music is acceptable to you and honors you.  Deliver me from evil and guide me to appreciate music that is worthy of the presence of Your Holy Spirit.  If you are dwelling in me, God, I do not want to expose Your glorious presence to my sinful choices. I repent of listening to music which is not pleasing to You, LORD.  Please heal my soul.  Amen.