Bible Verses and Concepts:

Bible Verse: Leviticus 19:9-10

Concept: Harvest, but leave some for the needy 

Bible Chapter: Ruth 2

Concept: Allow the reapers to work, and the needy to glean 

Questions to Consider:

  • What common secular teachings and quality/efficiency models speak to working to be extremely efficient?  
  • What does the law in ancient Israel teach?  How does this reflect God’s provision and glorify Him?
  • In your work, do you work to be the most efficient for the most money, or do you leave some work for others less skilled?  For those lower in society? For guests in your area?
  • Does the work you’re doing yield profits that eventually provide for the needy?  How are the needy provided for?  Do the needy have an opportunity to live with dignity and freedom?  How is this similar or different than Biblical teachings?  Who receives the glory?
  • How is Ruth, the widowed Gentile woman, provided dignity?  How does Boaz treat Ruth and how does he teach his servants to treat her?
  • How might non-believers come to know Jesus by watching Christians who follow this teaching?


Holy Father, where I follow secular ways, teach me to work and live differently that my work will reflect Your goodness and provision to those around me.  I praise you for Your provision and Your teaching of holy ways.  I long to serve in your courts eternally in a manner pleasing to You.  Cleanse my heart and mind that I would only know how to work for You!  Amen.