People Are Hungry

When discipling others, are you sharing the Word, or skipping around the Word?  Some say that people will see how Christians live and then they will “get it.”  Unfortunately, many, many people participating in churches today do not know the Word.  They don’t read it regularly and some haven’t heard it regularly.  People are HUNGRY!  People in the church are hungry, and non-believers are hungry.  This is no different than when Jesus came and died on the cross for our sins.  All believers may not be specifically gifted in the Word, and other areas may be strengths, but each can share the Word in their own way.

Concepts and Verses:

Concept: Jesus is the bread

Verses: Matthew 14:13-21, Matthew 15:29-39

Concept: Jesus is the Word

Verses: John 1:1-5

Concept: The day of the Lord can come at any time; time is limited to submit to Jesus

Verse: 2 Peter 3

Questions to Consider:

  • Can you disciple others well if you don’t know and practice the Word?
  • Why is the Word difficult to share?  If it is perfect, why is it a difficult place to start?
  • If Jesus is the bread and the Word, and Jesus shows the disciples to feed the people bread, is this not what we are called to do as Christians?
  • Are the book studies that are taught strictly the Word, or mixed with modern cultural beliefs?  How could that impact someone’s understanding of God’s truth?
  • If you struggle with reading the Bible, where/how can you become more engaged?  How can you encourage others to do the same?
  • What urgency should there be in learning and passing on the Word?  
  • If there is no tomorrow for a person or for the world, what choices should be made today in sharing and following the Word?


Jesus, strengthen me in Your Word.  Show me who can help me grow in Your Word.  Please provide the wisdom to share it truthfully and in Your right timing.  I praise You for Your goodness and truth which You have so graciously given me.  Teach me how to honor and share this gift freely with others, that they might call You Lord! Amen.