God’s Love

Bible Readings: 

  • Genesis Chapters 29-30: Describes the birth of Jacob’s sons, the 12 tribes of Israel.  
  • Matthew 1: Describes Jesus’ lineage
  • Revelation 21: Describes the New Jerusalem 


In Genesis 29:31-34, Leah’s first four sons are born.  She is seeking love from her husband and it does not come, but the LORD blesses her with children.  When the fourth one, Judah is born, she says “This time I will praise the LORD.” (NIV)

Leah doesn’t know it during her lifetime, but it is through her son Judah’s lineage that King David, and eventually Jesus come.  This is accounted for in Matthew 1.

God’s love for us is different than human love and transcends our lifetimes in His goodness.  Our lives are only moments and our service to Him is a speck in eternity.  But it is all part of the grander plan.  According to Revelation 21, the gates of what we call heaven, the New Jerusalem have jewels representing the 12 tribes.  Jesus will be there as the light.  

This is a gift of love greater than any human love or gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Praise the LORD for His Grace!