Not Good Enough

In my walk with God and the human church, I have been heard many statements about this person not being a Christian or Christians should be this way or that way.  I have been judged and seen others judged.  And I have judged wrongly and had to come back and mend the pieces.  Some of the people least likely in society’s eyes to be deemed righteous have proven to be my rocks and solid, tireless supporters.  My greatest joys.  

One of the most biting statements to my ears was that more Bible scholars aren’t needed, more people need to love.  This especially hurt as one of the gifts God has been so gracious to provide was to give me an intellectual mind which I neglected for years due to bullying from many people over the years.  When I started following God, he reawakened my reading and studying skills to a degree I didn’t think was possible.  I’m sure this statement was not meant to hurt, and the person did not know me personally at the time, but I still remember it.  This person was right about the need to love, though, too.  One of the most heartbreaking things I see in the church is people feeling unloved and “not good enough” as a Christian.  When you feel not good enough, my encouragement to you would be to look at what the Bible says and reflect on God’s good intent and purposes.  Ask God what He sees in you! We have been placed on Earth not to satisfy human desires but to serve our beautiful Creator, and live out the story of His kingdom.

Bible Concepts & Reflections:

Bible Concept: God made humans in His image and likeness so they could rule over the animals.  God saw that what He made was good. (Genesis 1)

Reflection: I am blessed to be created in His image.  I am blessed to be given the authority to share in God’s rule.  I was created in goodness.

Bible Concept: God chooses His children to serve Him.  He predestined His children for adoption to sonship. (Ephesians 1)

Reflection: Although I may not understand God’s ways and purposes, He has given me life and chosen me to serve Him and join Him in His good purposes.  I am a child of God and it is an honor and blessing to walk with Him.

Bible Concept: Trials are tests of faith, meant to bring the crown of life. (James 1)

Reflection:  I may be enduring trials, but I will stay faithful to the LORD.  He will show me the purpose in His right timing.

Bible Concept: God’s love endures forever. The LORD is with me. Take refuge in the LORD. (Psalm 118)

Reflection: God is always with me and knows what’s happening.  I can run to Him, even on the darkest of days.

Bible Concept: Christians are saved by grace, not by works.  We are created to do works, which God has prepared for us.

Reflection: I am fortunate to receive God’s grace and goodness.  I will step into the work God has prepared.

Bible Concept: God gives different people different gifts, to use for His purposes, for the common good. (1 Corinthians 12)

Reflection: The gifts given to me are uniquely suited to God’s purpose for me as a unique creation.  I don’t need to have the same gifts as anyone else to be worthy in Christ.  Gifts are meant to be used for the good of the body of Christ.


LORD, cleanse my mind and my heart of hurt.  When I hear words I feel are unkind, teach me the character and intent of the person who spoke them.  Show me how to accept words meant to build my character.  Show me how to forgive those who have spoken hurtful words out of their own hurt, shame, or lack.  Teach me how to live a righteous life, serving in the body of Christ. Teach me how to love others in Your way.  I praise You for the gift of salvation, and the gifts You bestow upon me for Your good purposes.