Division in the Church

On an exploring adventure several weeks ago, God showed me two historic settler churches that were part of a church community. After recent political happenings and extensive division in my own church, I went back to the church sites. It didn’t make sense at the time but what I hadn’t let sink in on the first visit was that the churches had a major division over doctrine and it was decades before the churches reunified. Thank God He is faithful when humans can’t agree. He eventually brings restoration. Yet it brings up another crucial question. How can we as Christians serve as one united body in Christ when we have division over things that many of us have little to no control over. How many years will be spent arguing? Is it really worth wasted decades? Is it possible instead to be setting the example to submit even in disagreement. Churches can be solidified through unity, and it is God’s call that this be done for the purpose of sharing the gospel.


LORD, help me choose wisely today what is most important in Your plan, not mine. Help me submit in ways You desire even when I don’t understand. Show me how to use the precious limited time I have on this earth to serve and glorify You! Amen.